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About Token Mobile

Token is a cutting edge event app that replaces physical vendor tickets, hard tokens and cash with a 100% mobile payment app that connects your attendees with your vendors seamlessly.

Save money

No upfront costs.

We charge you a percentage of your sales instead.

Feel secure

Enjoy peace of mind with no more slippage, theft, or fraud.


Stay in touch with attendees through push notifications.

Going to an event? Download Token

If you’re a vendor or event owner, download Gate

The vendor/owner app, Gate, allows vendors to confirm purchases, see real-time reports, and refund incorrect transactions.

Vendors can easily view and complete orders with a couple of taps.


event apps

, Token and Gate, make both

ticketing and virtual wristbanding

easy. Your consumer can purchase and check-in right from the app. Accepting orders is easy and efficient for your staff, there’s no need to integrate ticketing companies or have scanning hardware on site.

Get real-time stats about your event

in the palm of your hand. The event owner can add sponsorship to Token and choose to sell the

analytics data

back to vendors.

Your attendees are going to love it.

They’ll spend more time enjoying the event instead of waiting in line or worrying about lost tickets. Plus there are perks like discounts, VIP upgrades, and front of the line access. If they don’t spend all the money in their wallet, no worries. They can get a refund or give leftover tokens to friends or a charity.

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Gate FAQ

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions we get about the Gate app.

How much does it cost?

There is no upfront fee, and our event apps are free to download. We charge a 6.95% transaction fee. That includes the POS / merchant account fees. There is no extra charge for the data, it’s yours! The 6.95% fee can be added to the digital token costs as an admin fee, or used to eliminate the event owner fees entirely. Volume discounts may also be applied.

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Who controls the money?

We use Stripe as our main merchant provider. The funds will sit in trust and be released within 3 business days post-event by direct deposit. Since all the reporting is in real time, you enjoy 100% transparency.

Will attendees download the app?

Would you rather stand in line for 20 minutes, or download an app in 30 seconds?

What do the vendors / servers need?

Just a mobile device and their unique ID and login credentials.

How do vendors confirm the redemption?

Each transaction shows up on the vendor side of the app in real time. All they do is press complete, and it will show as redeemed on their Gate app and the patron’s Token app.

Can vendors see each other's sales data?

No, they can only view their own. The event owner can also control how much consumer data they want the vendor to see so they have the option to upsell the vendor later with data access.

What happens with unused tokens?

The event owner can select the option they wish to impose from the Settings menu: automatically provide a refund after the event, request a refund within 48 hours with a set admin fee per refund, or allow patrons to donate the tokens to a charity of their choice.

Will there be any on-site or off-site support?

Yes there will be staff there to set you up and educate you and your staff on Gate and your patron on token mobile.

How does Token follow the legal drinking age when tickets are being purchased?

When attendees register to the event app it will ask for their date of birth to confirm legal drinking age.

How long does it take to set up a vendor profile?

We will have you all set up in 48 hours.

Will there be training provided?

Yes once set up and registered, Gate will send you a welcome email with a “How to PDF” and also our staff members will be on site to help you and your staff out.

Can you use your own device to run the app?

Yes you can but Token Mobile will set you up with a tablet to use if required.

Token FAQ

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions we get about the Token app.

Is the app free to download?

Yes, the

Token mobile app

is free to download. Just type in Token Mobile into your search bar on your app store or go to tokenmobile.ca/download on your device.

What form of payment methods can I use when purchasing tokens?

All major credit cards are accepted and you can pay cash on site and our Team can load your wallet with digital tokens.

Can I use a friend’s phone or can a friend use his/her phone to buy items for me?

Yes you can. Just login to your profile or your friend can use their phone to buy items for you.

What happens to unused tokens?

Refunds are FREE. You can refund from the the OTHER ACTIONS button in the app or unused tokens will be automatically refunded to the card you used at the time of purchase at the end of the event. Please allow it 3-5 business days for it to appear on your account. Tokens purchased by cash are non-refundable but can be donated to charity or given to a friend.

What if a person loses their phone or their battery dies?

The person’s account can be viewed by anyone with Administrator privileges from the Admin dashboard, so the tokens can be transferred to another device or account easily. Also, one patron can buy and redeem tokens for friends or login to their Token account. We’ll also be partnering with mobile battery charging unit providers.

Where is Token Mobile located?

We operate out of


but you can find us at awesome events all around

Southern Ontario!

Contact us.


Request a demo.